Our Beliefs

Greetings from Spring Creek Bible Church

The mission of Spring Creek Bible Church (SCBC) is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a non-denominational church committed to the clear teaching and application of the Bible. We have provided this information to assist you in getting to know us. The following verbiage explains our Doctrinal Statement and Distinctives. Other informative materials are available in our information rack located in the church foyer. As you learn more about SCBC, we hope to have the privilege of learning more about you and how we can assist you in knowing, worshiping  and serving the Lord. We would be delighted to meet with you personally to answer any questions you have. Feel free to call the church office (734-5228) to arrange an appointment.

The SCBC Elders

Our Doctrine

We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the verbal, plenary, inspired Word of God, the final and all-sufficient authority for faith and life, inerrant in the original writings, infallible and God-breathed (Matthew 5:18; John 16:12-13; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:2-4, 20-21).

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Our Distinctives

Our distinctives help to convey the positions, practices, and personality of Spring Creek Bible Church. Every local church has distinctives whether or not they are in print. We have chosen to articulate and publish our distinctives as a means of candidly informing visitors and potential church members where our church stands on important issues pertaining to church life. We believe this is very important and helps people make a well-informed decision relative to choosing a church home.

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Our Philosophy of Ministry

At Spring Creek Bible Church (SCBC), pleasing God in everything we do is our primary objective. Our ministries should promote a biblical understanding aimed at fostering a proper fear, love, and service for God. One means of evaluating current or potential programs is with a document such as this: a philosophy of ministry.

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Our Teen Discipleship Philosophy

The vision of SCBC is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is the ministry divinely mandated by Jesus Christ for His church. Therefore, regardless of age, SCBC’s primary goal in the life of every parishioner is to teach him/her to be an obedient disciple of Jesus Christ.

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