Our Leadership

Our Elders

In our goal of functioning according to biblical directives, we see Scripture as crystal clear that the leadership of each local body rests on qualified men who serve the church faithfully. This plurality of leaders is charged with overseeing and protecting the assembly of believers at Spring Creek Bible Church. Pray for these servants who sacrifice themselves under no compulsion, but for the glory of God.

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Our Deacons

The early church example in Acts of the elders delegating various responsibilities of care and practical matters is what drives our model of appointing deacons in various specific capacities. This is intended to free the elders to the primary ministry of teaching the Word of God, prayer and offering spiritual leadership to the church family corporately and individually. The deacons do not comprise a board unto themselves and they serve under the leadership of the elders. While the number of areas that a deacon may oversee is potentially quite large, at present we have four deacons plus an elder serving in a deacon-like role (over Children’s Ministries). The other areas deacons oversee include hospitality, senior care, special events, and facilities management.

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Biblical Qualifications for Elders

The word in the Bible translated into English that means ‘elder’ is found a few dozen times in Acts and the New Testament epistles. It points to the critical role this unique group of leaders plays in the health and direction of each local church. The elders serve prayerfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as servant-leaders of the flock entrusted to them. Elders (presbuteros) along with the office of pastor (poimen) and and overseer (episkopos) are all the same office. They must be qualified for the position according to the standards set forth in Scripture, 1 Timothy and Titus 1, in particular.

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