Dan Eschbach

Deacon of Hospitality

Born in Minnesota in 1957 and born again in 1982, Dan has called Washington home since 1961. Dan married Barbara in 1983 and started a family that has blessed many for many years. The Eschbachs’ oldest son Jacob married Sarah in 2009 and later gave them their first three grandchildren–Calvin, Emma, and James. Their second son, Nathan, is grown and working as a financial adviser. Joel rounds out their 3 sons, and is currently away at college. Dan has served as a chiropractor in Bellingham since 1988 and been a member of this church body since 1993. Numerous aspects of SCBC’s hospitality and assimilation ministry fall under Dan’s faithful oversight. Dan and Barb are also secret agents of godly encouragement and smiles within the SCBC family.