Our Staff

Administrative Secretary


Annie counts design work, event planning, and interacting with people among her very favorite job duties. She loves cuddling babies, socializing with friends, watching funny movies, and reading books that spiritually challenge her. She’s also a big fan of sunny weather, listening to music, and watching church softball games. Her favorite dessert is a toss-up between cherry pie and cheesecake.



A lifelong Spring Creeker, Janeal works part-time covering all things audio and library (among other things!). She has many hidden and not-so-hidden talents including singing, practical joking, playing piano, decorating, and more, all of which are a huge blessing to her church family. She also enjoys sunflowers, laughing, and spending time with her sweet family.

Facility Engineer


Setting up tables, fixing lights, cleaning bathrooms…Tommy does it all with a smile on his face and a sense of humor that makes life in the office a barrel of fun. When not lending his talents towards facilities maintenance, Tommy can be found practicing Spanish, playing violin, mountain biking, and polishing off leftovers in home and workplace refrigerators.

Finance Office


What Adam enjoys most about working part time in the finance department is seeing some of the ways that God glorifies Himself and works through His people in a local church. His other interests include learning and applying God’s Word, coaching a Bible Quiz team, playing on the church softball team, and rooting for the Seattle Mariners. Adam also enjoys investing his time by serving in Spring Creek’s Audio/Visual department.