Keepers of the Faith

Gossip? Is everyone­ talking about it? Co­me join us Wednesday,­ November 2, at 7:00 a­s Madison B. tea­ches us from 1 Timoth­y 3:11 about not being malicious gossips. Step­hanie J. will cha­llenge us in some spe­ech and debate activi­ties where we will practice communicating ­in a way that shines ­the light of Jesus! B­ring your […]

Family Nite

Parents, mark your calendars for another sweet time of interacting with other young families and making memories with your kids in our next Family Nite on November 3 at 6:00 PM. Please bring a plate of hearty finger foods to share and come ready to engage in games and other fun activities for all ages. […]

New Members Class

Pastor Steve will be offering another round of our two-part New Members Class on October 16 and 23 at 4:30 PM. Whether you’ve attended Spring Creek your whole life or are brand-new, come explore what it means to become an official member (taking the class does not obligate you to join). Sign up in the […]

Titus Two: Then Sings My Soul

All ladies 15 and up are invited to join us for singing, door prizes, and a HeartSong testimony from Tracy G. The devotional is titled “Stand Up for Jesus.” Unlike Christians in other parts of the world, Christians in America have enjoyed relatively little affliction for their faith, but persecution is on the horizon. Come […]

Where in the World is Spring Creek?

It’s back for year two! Snap a photo of yourself in a fun location–near or far–with a SCBC bulletin, shirt, pen, hat, etc. and pray for your church family in that place! Send your pictures to for use in our 2017 Annual Celebration slideshow.