Church Directory

Approximately every two years we publish a pictorial directory to assist you in knowing others who call Spring Creek home. In the in-between year we publish an update of the contact information. If you regularly attend SCBC, please be sure to include yourself in the directory. To obtain a copy of the directory contact the church office.

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The church calendar is provided as a tool to keep up with Spring Creek Bible Church events and services. If you notice a posting that is missing or in need of adjustment, please contact the church office.

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Peek at Spring Creek

As a quick summary of upcoming special events, education opportunities and services, the Peek at Spring Creek is published at the end of each month and looks ahead to the next two months. The birthday listing is only available through our passcoded “Attenders” area.

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Life & Logistics

As part of each month’s Peek at Spring Creek, the Life & Logistics section is a vehicle to pass along various service and mercy ministry opportunities as well as other announcements of special significance. To submit a posting for Life & Logistics, please contact the church office by email.

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Church Membership

The preponderance of biblical evidence points to the church maintaining some form of membership roll. The obvious essential to be a part of what Scripture describes as the church is that you have legitimately repented of sin and put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. While we consider every believer who attends SCBC as part of our church family, formal membership is your way of stating your commitment to faithful, healthy participation in the church body and agreement with the doctrinal positions and philosophy of ministry that make Spring Creek distinct.

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Building Use Policy

While we have a small staff and limited resources and can’t possibly approve every request for non-SCBC entities to utilize space in our facility, we do permit a reasonable number of such functions. Contact the Deacon of Facilities Management for a copy of our Building Use Policy.

SCBC Event Request Forms

To propose rental and usage of the SCBC facility, please fill out the appropriate form. Keep in mind that official church events and classes take priority and there are many factors that determine if and when various events can happen at SCBC.

  • If SCBC is your church home, please fill out and submit the Event Request Form to the church office. Pastor Mark will contact you.
  • If you are not a regular attender of SCBC, you need to first fill out the Initial Facility Request Form and submit it to the church office.  For non-SCBC attenders our Deacon of Facility Management will contact you.

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