Membership Covenant

Having received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and being in agreement with SCBC’s doctrine, vision, and distinctives, I now feel led by the Holy Spirit to become a member of the SCBC church family. In doing so, I commit myself to God and the other members of this church to do the following:

PURSUING: I will pursue God through consistent study of His word and prayer. I will strive to live a holy life by the grace of God and in accordance with the Word of God. I will endeavor to be a godly example to all people in speech, behavior, and attitude.

FOLLOWING: I will honor, submit to, pray for, and communicate with my church elders. I will do my best to make their ministry a joy and not a grief for them.

ASSIMILATING: I will purpose to stay involved in the body life of SCBC. I will faithfully attend worship services and other church functions in order that I might give and receive the benefits of Christian fellowship.

SHEPHERDING: I will do my best to make SCBC a friendly, nurturing church both to members and visitors. I will pray for the other members and ministries of the church. I will ungrudgingly extend practical acts of service and kindness to others within the church family.

ADMONISHING: I will endeavor to give and receive admonition with love and humility that the body of Christ might mature in righteousness. I will purpose to be slow at taking offense, and quick to make reconciliation and to seek it without delay. I will submit to the process of church discipline for the restoration of sinning believers.

SERVING: I will serve the SCBC body as the Lord enables me through the sacrificial use of my spiritual gift(s) and talents. I will accept the commendation of the Lord as my reward, and not seek or expect the praise of people.

DISCIPLING: I will promote the SCBC vision for making disciples by participating in the process of discipleship and encouraging others to do so. I will take personal responsibility for becoming a self-feeding Christian and a spiritual reproducer.

WITNESSING: I will seek to win the lost for the Lord Jesus Christ by living and verbalizing the truth of the gospel. I will support the missionary enterprise of SCBC.

PROTECTING: I will be diligent to protect the unity of SCBC by acting in love toward all other members, by refraining from gossip, by my attitude of deference, and by following the church leaders. I will protect the reputation of SCBC before the world by living a holy, authentic life.

GIVING: I will give financially according to my means to support the ministries of SCBC.

LEAVING: I will inform the elders of my plans to leave the congregation. I will seek to involve myself in another evangelical congregation upon my departure from SCBC.

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