Life & Logistics

Please take note of the following logistical matters about life together at SCBC and opportunities both inside and outside of our body. These are posted as a courtesy of the church family and do not necessarily bear the endorsement of SCBC.

What’s Coming Up

The SCBC Quarterly Equipping and Service Opportunities brochure outlines in detail class offerings and avenues of outreach and ministry for the next several months at SCBC. Find one in the foyer or from the church office.

SCBC Office Hours and E-mails

Our church office is open Tuesday–Friday from 9:00-5:00. During those hours you’ll reach one of our hard-working secretaries. Email: Each secretary has a personal email address. We also have a “generic” office email address ( Inquiries can be sent to the generic address (and will be responded to by the secretary next in the office) or sent to whichever individual secretary is taking care of your needs.