The Quarterly Equipping & Service Opportunities Brochure is the single most comprehensive tool to help you plug in and enjoy what the Lord will lead you to at Spring Creek. The brochure is available through the church office or in the foyer at the Welcome Center.

Corporate Worship

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM for our Morning Worship Service–a gathering of the saints to exalt the glory of God. At Spring Creek our corporate  gathering is a time of studying the Scriptures together, beseeching the Lord in prayer, and singing the truths and praises of God.

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Education Plan

Equal in significance to Home Bible Studies are the classes and book studies offered in our Discipleship Hour (Sundays at 8:45 AM) and on occasional weekday evening and early mornings. The clear biblical goal of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and facilitate their spiritual maturity, not only pursue the salvation of sinners. Hopefully Spring Creek’s Education Plan gives you the opportunity to progressively grow in Christlikeness in all areas of life.

In 6 Years You Can Cover It All. As the Lord allows, we aim to offer a comprehensive rotation of courses designed to equip and motivate you in essential areas of theology, biblical studies, church life and leadership, biblical counseling and gender roles, spiritual disciplines, outreach, evangelism, and Godliness in your family and marriage life. Our goal is to offer a rotating variety of classes in these major areas, each being offered at least once in a 6-year period. Thus a young person (starting in the 7th grade) would have two opportunities to take each course by the time he/she is 24 years old and at least one opportunity to take each course by the time he/she reaches 12th grade.

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Home Bible Studies

To delve more deeply into selected books of the Bible and enjoy more intimate fellowship with other believers, an SCBC Home Bible Study may be for you. Each study requires some effort at home–on average 1-3 hours of time. The more people that are able to commit one evening a week, the more studies we will aim to offer.

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We are dependent on the grace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ and so we pray! It is our hope that everyone who calls SCBC home will be a faithful man or woman or child of prayer. In terms of the formal avenues of praying together, please join us on Sunday evening at 5:30 in the Garden Room for a brief time of praying together before our Family Life Service.

We also encourage you to submit any prayer requests you would like the church leadership or perhaps the entire church family to be praying about. The easiest way to do that is to fill out the Prayer Request portion of the Tear-Off Welcome Tab in each bulletin. You can also call an elder or the church office.

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Men’s Ministries

Men of God have an important Scriptural call on their lives and we aim to encourage and strengthen each other to understand it and fulfill it. Men need to stand out as clear reflections of the character, integrity, and holiness of Christ. Men need to love their Lord God above all things, their wives as Christ loves the church, their children as the precious gifts they are, their neighbors as they would care for themselves, and the truth that has saved them. Men are called to lead in their homes, in their communities, and in their church. Regardless of how counter-culture this simple directive becomes, we aim to fortify and equip our men, young and old, to step up and humbly fulfill their biblical mission and enjoy the process of growing in Christ. To that end, we offer a variety of formal avenues of biblical training and warm, exhortational fellowship.

From periodic Men’s Breakfasts on pertinent topics, to Men’s Morning or Men’s Evening classes and book studies, there is almost always some opportunity for men to gather and grow together. Our Contenders for the Faith ministry is aimed at building the relationships between young and old and instill early (boys 6 and older may attend) a theologically accurate mindset about many areas of life and faith in Christ.

As always, we highly encourage boys and men of all ages to participate in church events and gatherings together and thus offer each other the unrivaled wisdom and encouragement that such inter-generational fellowship results in.

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Women’s Ministries

The girls and women of Spring Creek have a number of special opportunities to grow in biblical understanding and godliness alongside one another in women-specific classes and events. As always we encourage the inter-generational influence of the older being with the younger.

From Titus Two Saturdays, our monthly gathering of all ladies from 15 and up to the courses offered in our Discipleship Hour or in the Women’s Tuesday Afternoon courses, there are a number of options to be challenged and encouraged in your critical role as a woman of God.

Titus Two Saturdays officially begin at 9:30 AM on selected Saturdays. There is a time of fellowship and refreshments starting at 9:00. This year the focus of Titus Two is on Women of the Bible: Seeing God’s Faithfulness Through Time. For specific dates and topics click below.

Our Keepers of the Faith ministry is aimed at mothers and daughters but is something that every lady 6 years and older is encouraged to attend. A schedule of this school year’s specific schedule is available in the information rack at the Welcome Center.

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Children’s Ministry

With a primary aim of supporting the instruction and ministry efforts of parents, our Children’s Discipleship Hour is a training ground of age-appropriate Creation to Christ instruction. As in all ministries, the gospel takes center stage as kids of all maturity levels hear the saving truths of Scripture in a serious, but effective manner. Classes start for those 2 1/2 years old and go up through 6th grade and largely follow the Firm Foundations curriculum. Once kids reach 7th grade, they are eagerly welcomed in our Discipleship Hour adult elective courses.

Contact Rob Freeman with any questions.

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Local Gospel Outreaches

On a consistent basis we aim to offer a variety of different formal evangelism outreaches. The most effective and most frequent gospel outreach happens day in and day out as God’s people proclaim the exclusive saving truth of Jesus Christ in their homes, neighborhoods, extended families, and workplaces. The formal outreaches are an additional means to “scatter the seed” of the good news through street evangelism, Bible and tract distribution, Evangelistic Prayer Stops and other creative means. Locations we have headed to include college campuses, downtown, shopping malls, the county fair, shopping districts, local parks, door to door, and the Lighthouse Mission.

Watch the bulletin and the Quarterly Equipping & Service Opportunity brochure for upcoming outreaches. Ideas are always welcome! Submit your idea for gospel outreach to the Missions Committee.

To get yourself equipped and confident, consider taking an evangelism training class or seminar.

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International Missions

Christ Jesus will build His church. We want to be a part of His work in Bellingham and beyond! We firmly believe in the power of the gospel to save and and sanctify, and so our missions efforts are aimed, as best we can, at getting the good news to ears and eyes of those still lost in sin, no matter the context. The long history of being overtly missions-minded is one we aim to extend for generations to come. And as we pray for the Lord to raise up new gospel ambassadors to foreign lands we seek to equip and ready the flock to discern what truly biblical local church-building missions work is.

SCBC has been blessed for many years now to have a Missions Policy that avoids some common pitfalls of church missions efforts, and that permits us to be a significant partner to our home-based missionaries and in turn help prevent their need to partner with an unreasonable number of other churches. On occasion we will be involved on a temporary basis with other missionaries we call Affiliated Missionaries.

From our annual Missions Conference to a variety of Missions Equipping Seminars, consider joining the ranks of those who pray, support and sometimes even “go” to the lands where the gospel is highly needed. And constantly be diligent to share the good news of Christ right here at home.

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