Children’s Ministry

Discipleship Hour

Following the Answers Bible Curriculum, our Children’s Discipleship Hour is focused squarely on reinforcing the work of parents and presenting solid, biblical truth in an age-appropriate manner for kids age 4 through the sixth grade. An age-appropriate class for kids 2 and 3 is also available. As the vast majority of our church teaching venues are inter-generational, this single hour, once a week, has proven to be a beneficial complement for the impartation of gospel-saturated truths by qualified lay teachers. The final class of the Children’s Discipleship Hour (5th and 6th grade) is designed to facilitate the transition to our Adult Discipleship Hour electives. Parents are encouraged to be highly involved, help determine the best placement of their own children, and to feel free to bring their kids with them to adult classes, as long as they are not permitted to be a distraction to learning process there.

Worship Service Childcare

While we encourage parents to train their children to be active participants in the corporate worship services, we ask that parents exercise discernment and deference in doing everything possible to not allow the noises of little ones to be a distraction to the orderly function of the gathering. Our children’s nursery is available for newborns through age 3 and offers a safe and clean place for such little ones to be cared for by qualified volunteers. SCBC also has video-fed rooms for nursing mothers and even noise-prone toddlers that you can take your children to. The service audio is also fed to a large portion of the building.

Nursery care is also available at our Sunday evening Family Life Service and at selected conferences or special events.

Childcare Volunteer Schedule

The childcare volunteer schedule for the next two weeks is:

March 26, 2017:

Infants Toddlers 2’s & 3’s
8:45 AM Garth & Bonnie A. Family Garth & Bonnie A. Family Nathan & Melanie P.
10:00 AM Troy & Bailey K. Natalie H/Colby & Katie B. Sean & Carolynn S. Family
6:00 PM Forest & Carol H. Forest & Carol H. Jim & Andree H. Family

April 2, 2017:

Infants Toddlers 2’s & 3’s
8:45 AM Garth & Bonnie A. Family Garth & Bonnie A. Family Nathan & Melanie P.
10:00 AM Gary & Susan J. Todd & Michele B. Wes & Shelby S.
6:00 PM Kyle & Corina H. Kyle & Corina H. Jim & Andree H. Family