Corporate Worship

Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:00 AM

The pinnacle of the week comes when the body of a local church gathers as one, an assembly of the saints meeting on the first day of the week, Sunday. Following the pattern of the early church, we convene to consider the truths of God’s Word as they are read, explained, and applied. We also assemble to corporately pray to the Lord who is our Master, as well as give to the needs of the saints and the ministry of the church. We also unite in the ordinances of the Lord’s table and baptism and in the singing of music that exalts God. Being a consistent participant in this “main event” of church life is deeply encouraging, vitally important, and biblically mandated.

We hope you will join us this Sunday!

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Sunday Morning Discipleship Hour

8:45 AM

Start your Lord’s Day with an infusion of biblical truth and genuine encouragement. At 8:45 AM we gather for an hour of teaching and interaction centered on the cross of Christ and the truths of Scripture. Next to the Corporate Worship Service, the Discipleship Hour is a primary avenue for you to plug in, be blessed, bless others, and set yourself up for serious spiritual growth.

Adults choose from a few electives each quarter on everything from the major components of Systematic Theology and biblical book studies to practical instruction for godly marriages and families. Take the time to learn about our SCBC Education Plan and how you can potentially participate in the comprehensive array of 23 core courses the plan intends to offer within a six-year time period. Plus there are a number of additional offerings beyond the core.

Children ages 2 through the 6th grade meet in classes specially designed for them utilizing Answers in Genesis curriculum.

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Sunday Evening Family Life Service

6:00 PM

(Check the calendar or call the church to verify evening service schedule.)

Some of the sweetest “body life” occurs on Sunday evenings in what we call our Family Life Service. The service itself offers us a relaxed time of singing and praying together and is highlighted on most Sundays by devotional instruction from one of our laymen.

About once a month we encourage everyone to reach out to someone else through home hospitality and we don’t have our evening service. Check the church calendar for the dates of our Family Life Services.

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