Sunday Evening Family Life Service

We meet most Sunday evenings in the Silver Beach Room. It’s a small, theater-like auditorium that permits us to sit in close proximity to the rest of the body. You’ll enjoy the sweet, lingering fellowship of this Sunday night gathering and find it a fantastic way to wrap up your Sunday and launch into the work week “full” from all that the Lord has served up. Some say that participating in the evening service is key to getting rapidly plugged into life at SCBC. At the very least, we highly encourage you to join us at 6:00 PM and ask that you pray that a high view of God will reign supreme even as we enjoy this more relaxed time together.

Starting in Fall 2015, we’ll dive into some of the key objections unbelievers raise to Christianity with our “Apologetic Nuggets” series. Arm yourself to defend the truth with helpful answers and foundational Scripture passages as lay men from our congregation take turns addressing questions like, “how can a good God allow suffering?” or “why is the Bible trustworthy?” You won’t want to miss out!