Men’s Ministries

Men’s Morning & Men’s Evening

In an interactive setting, most quarters we offer a book study discussion group for men. Most books are open for participation of those 15 and older and either start at 6:00 AM or 7:00 PM. Indeed, this ministry has taken dozens and dozens of men through dozens of dozens of quality books over the many years it has been offered. In addition to what is gained from reading a quality, biblical resource and the discussion of meaty questions pertaining to it, you will also enjoy the brother-to-brother fellowship and lasting relationships this time provides you.

This fall, our men will be studying Ichthus: Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Savior by Sinclair Ferguson and Derek Thomas. See our quarterly brochure for more information on this study!

Strengthening Your Marriage

We offer regular opportunities for you to take in specialized instruction for leading your wife biblically and cultivating a God-honoring marriage. This fall, Pastor Steve is excited to bring you a seven-week class designed to encourage and exhort husbands who are eager to grow in practical ways in loving, shepherding, and blessing their wives. Our main resource will be the outstanding book, The Complete Husband, by Lou Priolo. The class will require reading 1 to 2 chapters per week as well as doing projects that are designed to put into heartfelt practice biblical principles that enable men to be the husbands Jesus wants them to be. The group will meet on Tuesday evenings, from 7:00-8:30 PM at SCBC beginning September 13. Cost is $14; please sign up in the foyer.

Men’s Breakfasts

A few times a year we call our men out on a Saturday morning for a time of fellowship and challenge. In what we call the Iron Sharpening Iron series, we are focusing on critical topics that every man should face and draw biblical convictions about.

Watch for more details on our next men’s breakfast!

Contenders for the Faith

Contenders is the boy’s branch of SCBC’s Keepers of the Faith discipleship ministry. God places the responsibility for discipling children squarely on the shoulders of parents. Contenders generally meets the third Wednesday of the month, 7:00 – 9:00 PM throughout the school year. Fathers, sons, and all guys ages 6 and up are welcome. Men without sons are highly encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Contenders dates are September 21 (joint with Keepers), October 19, and November 16. Watch our “Announcements” page for more details on each one!

Fathers/Teen Sons Discipleship

On a periodic basis we offer a smaller group setting for fathers and teen sons to meet on a weekday evening and discuss important issues of biblical manhood.

Watch for future opportunities in the bulletin and our quarterly brochures.

Parenting Classes & Small Groups

We believe that being a godly father means stepping up and fulfilling your responsibilities with vigor. Thus we aim to avoid facilitating the abdication of those responsibilities by offering many church events or programs that subtly take over the shepherding you as a dad should be doing. Hand in hand with that conviction is a commitment to equip you as a parent and a husband to grow in your ability to lead your family as you ought.

The investment you make as a father in taking one of our parenting classes or joining a small group aimed at building you up in your role as a family shepherd will pay long-term dividends in helping you be fully engaged with your God-given followers. The quarterly Equipping & Service Opportunities brochure outlines what is currently being offered.