Church Library

At SCBC we encourage you to be a diligent student of God’s Word. One of the blessings of living in this age is the wealth of resources available to help you in your study. The Church Library is designed to give you free access to those resources. Books are available in clearly delineated sections on: Doctrine & Theology, Biblical Studies, Sanctification, the Church, Family & Marriage, Youth and Children. You can also check out a growing variety of Teaching DVDs as well as recent SCBC and other sermon audio.

The Resource Shoppe

The Resource Shoppe is designed to be a trusted source of printed resources available for purchase at prices that are often better than you can find elsewhere. Although no book or author is infallible by any stretch, every book in The Resource Shoppe is commended to you as a valuable contribution in its realm. We also have a copy of most every book in The Resource Shoppe available for free check out in our library.

Recommended Reading

On a number of key aspects of theology and the Christian faith we have established a brief list of recommended reading. These resources will help ground you in essential biblical truths and hopefully advance your understanding and lead you to worship the Lord all the more. Many are available for check out in the Church Library and for purchase in The Resource Shoppe.

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SCBC Teaching Audio

Taking in sound biblical teaching is vital for serious growth in walking with Christ. Nothing replaces the central role of hearing God’s Word exposited live in the corporate gathering. In addition, we make our Sunday Morning Worship Service sermons available online (and on CD in our Church Library) as well as many of our classes, seminars and special teaching sessions. Sermons preached in our Sunday Morning Worship Service are listed under the heading of “Sermon Audio” while the “Teaching Audio” tab will take you to other instruction including classes that are part of our SCBC Education Plan, teaching from our Sunday evening Family Life Services and more. Teaching audio from earlier dates may be available from our audio archives, please contact the church office to learn about older message availability.

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