Statement on Expository Preaching

At the foundation of a Christ-centered, biblically-driven local church is its adherence to the revealed Word of God. And the centerpiece of a local church submitting to God’s directives are the sermons preached at its corporate gatherings. While topical sermons have an important place in the shepherding and spiritual growth of the church, we contend that the healthier steady diet is expository preaching–preaching that majors on conveying the point of a particular Bible passage to the hearers.

At Spring Creek it is our aim to unfold the meaning of Scripture, verse-by-verse, and serve as nothing more than conduits of the Lord’s intended meaning for what the Holy Spirit inerrantly inspired through the pens of the original writers. Since God’s people aren’t merely to hear His Words explained but are also to obey it, we aim to accurately and passionately apply properly-interpreted Scripture into everyday, shoe-leather practicalities.

Sermon Series

With expository preaching being our primary method of fulfilling the call of 2 Timothy 4:2 to “preach the Word”, our Senior Pastor, Steve Balvanz, focuses the majority of our Sunday Morning Worship Services to walk the Spring Creek family through a specific book of the Bible, verse-by-verse.

Education Electives

Equal in significance to Home Bible Studies are the classes and book studies offered in our Discipleship Hour (Sundays at 8:45 AM) and on occasional weekday evening and early mornings. The clear biblical goal of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and facilitate their spiritual maturity, not only pursue the salvation of sinners. Hopefully Spring Creek’s Education Plan gives you the opportunity to progressively grow in Christ-likeness in all areas of life.

In 6 Years You Can Cover It All. As the Lord allows, we aim to offer a comprehensive rotation of courses designed to equip and motivate you in essential areas of theology, biblical studies, church life and leadership, biblical counseling and gender roles, spiritual disciplines, outreach, evangelism, and godliness in your family and marriage life. Our goal is to offer a rotating variety of classes in these major areas, each being offered at least once in a 6-year period. Thus a young person (starting in the 7th grade) would have two opportunities to take each course by the time he/she is 24 years old and at least one opportunity to take each course by the time he/she reaches 12th grade. As always, be prayerful in balancing the classes you participate in with the other responsibilities in your life.

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Special Messages

Beyond the current sermon series, we are often blessed by the instruction of many of the men in our church family and by special guests to SCBC through regular Family Life Services, special evening services, and other events.

Seminars & Conferences

On a periodic basis some courses will be offered in what we call seminars–a condensed format of two hours after the Morning Worship Service, a few weekday evenings, or full-Saturday sessions.

Periodically we offer Biblical Counseling Seminars on a number of life issues that seem to be particularly troublesome for many. The primary aim of the Biblical Counseling Seminar Series is to equip you to be a solid source of love, wisdom, and admonishment to your fellow believers in the church. A healthy local church is one in which the members all serve as biblical counselors day in and day out and do not necessarily rely on those with formal training or the psychology-integrated instruction found in many resources.

With the aim of equipping the saints to proclaim the gospel in foreign lands or to better support those who do, as well as to share the saving truth of Christ with your neighbors right here at home, we offer a number of Missions Equipping Seminars. In these seminars we focus on a specific topic by lining up experienced missionaries to teach biblical avenues of outreach they have put into action.

As the Lord permits, we intend to utilize the amazing facility He has provided Spring Creek to offer the community at large special Bible Conferences simply aimed at extending the reach of the Word of God beyond the folks who call SCBC home. For more information about upcoming events such as these, contact a pastor or elder.

On a regular basis we offer a retreat to facilitate special teaching and extended time for reflection and fellowship. Retreats are offered for men, women and married couples. Because retreats are generally off-site at a facility with limited rooming capacity and because they are often a special time for the church family to focus on one another more intimately, these will not typically be available for non-SCBC attenders.