Our History A Look Back at Our History

The Beginning

The Building

The original church building was located on the northwest corner of the property overlooking Lake Whatcom on the corner of Silver Beach Avenue and Northshore Drive in Bellingham, WA. The church was built sometime before 1910. The basement was used for public school until the Silver Beach School was built in 1911.


Early Shepherds

From 1910–1930 several pastors helped shepherd the Silver Beach Methodist Episcopal Church: Rev. Squires, George Lander, A. McCollough, Rev. J. M. Cause, and C. B. Sears.


Pastor Ted Goodwin

From 1930–1944 Methodist pastor Ted Goodwin served in the old church. Pastor Goodwin was followed by Floyd Crane from 1945–1948.


Pastor Bill Ackley

During the summer of 1948, supply pastors were provided by The Firs while sisters Sue Brown and Oma Parker helped keep the Sunday School department functioning until Bill Ackley was called to pastor the church in the fall of 1948. Under Bill’s leadership, the church gained independence from the Methodists and was incorporated as Silver Beach Community Church in 1955. Bill Ackley was enthusiastic and energetic and made many visits to homes presenting Christ and encouraging people to worship at SBCC. The church flourished under Bill’s teaching.


New Buildings

Because of desperately needed space, plans were drawn up and our Education Building was built in 1956. Both the original church and the new Education Building were used until 1962 when the old church building was condemned by the Fire Department. The Education Building was then upgraded and used for both Sunday School and the worship service and the first worship service was held on December 9, 1962. In 1966 Bill Ackley resigned and accepted a pastorate in Tacoma.


Pastor David Hanson

In 1966, David Hanson was called as the new pastor and served until 1977. Under David’s leadership the church undertook a building project to erect the sanctuary and basement classrooms. Groundbreaking was in June 1969. Many of the materials were donated and thousands of man-hours were volunteered. Thirty months later the first service was held in the new sanctuary on December 10, 1972 and the building was dedicated on March 18, 1973. Shortly thereafter, a faithful SBCC member paid the $30,000 debt as a bequest in her will when she passed away.


Pastor Paul Quenzer

Paul Quenzer was called as pastor in 1978 and served for ten years.


Pastor Steve Balvanz

In June of 1986 Steve Balvanz was called as Assistant Pastor and was approved by the congregation to assume the position of Senior Pastor when Paul Quenzer retired in 1988. Pastor Steve celebrated his 30th year with us in 2016.

After a series of miraculous God-ordained events, Silver Beach Community Church became Spring Creek Bible Church after moving to a new facility and having the first service on August 21st of 2011. The events surrounding this time were amazing to behold. The unity of the leadership, support of the church, and opportunity from God lead to a defining moment in the life of Spring Creek Bible Church and we are forever grateful for God's hand of provision.

Many other men have served in associate pastoral roles in a part and full-time capacity over the course of SCBC’s history.

May the future of SCBC strive with equal or even greater fervency to bring glory to the Lord of the church, Jesus Christ.

The Present