Bible Reading Plan

About the Plan

Our Bible Reading Plan is an opportunity to encourage one another to create a regular habit of being prayerfully in the Word. Each Sunday, a new bookmark with the week’s readings is made available in the foyer, with twelve weeks at a time accessible on this web page.

This plan is arranged so that you can start or pick it back up on any week and be right in sync with everyone who is reading. Whether you have a strong habit of being in the Word or you’ve never been able to establish this means of grace, the goal is for each person to be both encouraged and an encourager of others in the church body as we walk together through the Scriptures. Besides the opportunity to fellowship with others around the week’s passage, we intend to frequently connect to the passage during our corporate worship, classes, and other ministries.

The bookmark is designed for you to pace yourself. If you struggle with regularly being in the Word, then use the pace on the left side (so that if you miss a couple days you can still complete the readings). If you are regularly in the Word, use the right side to pace yourself. The goal isn’t to check off that you’ve completed the week’s readings. No, the goal is to grow in a habit of being regularly and prayerfully in the Word, so that your life, and the lives of one another, look increasingly like Christ each day.

For more information, there is a 23-minute overview video here (note: audio purposefully drops out between 1:27-4:10).

Weekly Bookmarks

  • Week 60 - 05/13/24
  • Week 61 - 05/20/24
  • Week 62 - 05/27/24
  • Week 63 - 06/03/24
  • Week 64 - 06/10/24
  • Week 65 - 06/17/24
  • Week 66 - 06/24/24
  • Week 67 - 07/01/24
  • Week 68 - 07/08/24
  • Week 69 - 07/15/24
  • Week 70 - 07/22/24
  • Week 71 - 07/29/24
  • Week 72 - 08/05/24
  • Week 73 - 08/12/24