Church Involvement Be a part of the body of Christ.

Steps from Introduction toMembership

We welcome you and encourage you to become a member. Here are the steps to take to become a member of SCBC:

  1. Attend SCBC and get to know what this church is about. Make sure the Word of God is the authority over our ministry.
  2. Sign up for a membership class to learn about SCBC’s doctrines and distinctives.
  3. Ask an elder any questions you may have.
  4. Read our Membership Covenant and fill out and submit the Membership Application Form. For help writing your testimony, click here.
  5. Attend a membership interview.

Watch for dates and times of upcoming Membership Classes in the “Peek at Spring Creek” monthly flyer, or the online church calendar.


If you have made a profession of faith in the finished work of Christ for you and you would like to be baptized, here are the simple steps to baptism at SCBC:

    1. Listen to the message below about believer’s baptism.
    2. Fill out the Baptism Information Form and include your testimony in it. To find help for writing your testimony, click here.
    3. The office will contact you to schedule a meeting with a pastor.
    4. After the pastor recommends you for baptism, you will be baptized at the next baptism service. If you have questions or you want to learn more about our practice of fulfilling the Lord’s command to be baptized, please contact a pastor.

Believers’ Baptism

Steve Balvanz // 05/20/2012 // Sunday AM