Care Groups Intentional relationships for the purpose of growing together.

In 2018, SCBC established a new ministry called Member Care. Our Member Care ministry welcomes visitors by helping them feel at home, introduces them to SCBC’s doctrines and distinctives via our Welcome Group program, and then plugs them into one of our Care Groups. Care Groups are medium-sized groups of Spring Creekers, from all walks of life, who meet at a group member’s home twice a month for fellowship, encouragement, and teaching.

These Care Groups are for everyone who calls SCBC home—kids, singles, couples, and retirees. They serve as a primary way we get to know one another, grow together, and become part of the SCBC family. Care Groups focus on intentionally getting to know other SCBC believers on a deeper level, developing biblical friendships, and encouraging, shepherding, and caring for one another, as Christ commands. We rejoice with each other, weep with each other, and grow and fellowship with each other as we help one another live God-honoring lives. Together in our groups we not only strengthen our corporate unity, but also our individual relationships with the Lord.

Care Groups meet at 5:30 PM on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month between September and June. We call 5:30 our “soft start” time in order to provide some cushion for those coming in from work or school. We eat dinner together (dinner details vary by group) while sharing, laughing, and rubbing shoulders, followed at 6:30 by a time of teaching, discussion, sharing, and prayer for each other. The evening ends about 7:45, giving plenty of time to get tired kids to bed or homework done. You can also stick around a little longer to enjoy more fellowship and conversation. It’s an amazing privilege to be in Christ’s church, and the SCBC Care Group ministry seeks to make the most of that privilege.

The first step to plugging into a Care Group is to attend a worship service at Spring Creek Bible Church (see service times here). While you’re here, fill out one of the Visitor Cards in the seat-back pocket of the chairs in our sanctuary. Our Member Care ministry team will contact you, learn a little about you, and help get you integrated and on your way to plugging into an SCBC Care Group. You’re also welcome to simply call the church office between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday. Either way, you’ll be glad you did—we can’t wait to meet you!

Our goal in the church is to present every Christian mature in Christ (Col 1:28-29), this is one way to live that out in the church.
We will meet every 2nd/4th Wednesday of the month for a time of teaching, discussion, sharing, and prayer for each other.
Things kick off at 5:30 PM and wrap up at 7:45 PM.
Your whole family! Bring along something towards dinner (learn details at your group).
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  • Flexible

    Can't make it for a week? That's ok—we're developing life together, not becoming slaves to a schedule.
  • Informal

    There is a structured teaching time, but we purposely meet informally in homes and include lots of casual, one-on-one fellowship.
  • Local

    There are groups throughout Whatcom County and one in Skagit County.
  • Family

    We’ve designed this with your whole family in mind.
  • Focused on Scripture

    What unites us all is the cross of Christ and the living Word brought to bear on our lives.