Local Outreaches Proclaiming Christ in Bellingham and Beyond

General Philosophy

Since salvation belongs to the Lord, the power of evangelism rests in Him and the faithful proclamation of the gospel–the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe that the most important and most frequent avenue of explaining the gospel is the one-on-one witness of God’s people to those they know and have established relationships with. In other words, informal, personal, non-programmed gospel outreaches are the primary vehicle of sharing the truth of Christ with those yet still lost in sin. Indeed, each day usually presents numerous such opportunities, while formal evangelistic outreaches are occasional at best.

That is not to say that there is no place for formal, organized outreach opportunities. Since we trust the Lord with the regeneration of those dead in sin and the gift of faith and repentance, it is exciting to simply “sow the seeds” of gospel truth as far and wide as we can. Thus we aim to offer a wide variety of pre-planned evangelism opportunities throughout the year. These often stir people to greater boldness in their day-to-day witness for Christ and they help stir compassion in us as they remind us of the sad condition it is to be at odds with God by rejecting the truth of His Son. What is paramount is that the actual proclamation of biblical truth is the centerpiece of all evangelism events and that the meeting of physical needs or logistical efforts do not overwhelm the goal of gospel proclamation.

Street Evangelism

As another aspect of worship, at Spring Creek we have employed a number of different approaches to striking up gospel-centered conversations with strangers. From the use of surveys and questionairres, to the use of attention-getting tracts and free Prayer Stops, we have scattered the seed of the gospel to folks at community events, movie nights, the county fair, shopping areas, local parks, college campuses and even door-to-door. Got an idea? Let the Missions Committee know or just plan an outreach of your own! SCBC is glad to try and provide Bibles, New Testaments, booklets, DVDs and other resources that can be used to put the truth of the work of Christ in the hands of those who need it most.

The fruit of most of your street evangelism efforts will never be evident to you, but the hope you are offering is so worth the “risk” and investment of your time. Please bathe our street evangelism efforts in prayer, as we are 100% reliant on God to do the work of heart change in others.

Campus Evangelism

Some of the most in-depth and serious street evangelism conversations have been started through outreach efforts at Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University here in Bellingham. A campus gospel outreach event is planned almost every quarter, so plan to join us and see how willing students are to talk about their soul and and their need for Christ.

The Lighthouse Mission

For many years we have enjoyed our partnership with the faithful servants at Bellingham’s Lighthouse Mission. Opportunities abound to share the truth of Christ and offer hope to those in great need through their 24-hour Drop-In Center. Contact LHM to see how you can help!

Learn more about The Lighthouse Mission.

Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic

We believe in the sanctity of human life and abhor the evil of the abortion of innocent children. As part of SCBC’s focus on giving every life a chance to be transformed by Jesus Christ, we eagerly partner with the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic in their efforts to share the gospel with women struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. In addition, we support their efforts to meet their significant practical needs as they make heed the Scripture’s call to save the life of their child and go through their pregnancy period and beyond.

From the annual Walk for Life to other fundraising events, Spring Creek stands with the WCPC in their efforts to serve the girls and unborn children they impact so directly all year long.

Learn more about the ministry of the WCPC.

Lynden Human Life

As part of SCBC’s focus on giving every life a chance to be transformed by Jesus Christ, we also support Lynden Human Life in their efforts to share the gospel with women struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. As there is opportunity, we have participated in the annual Life Chain event and have involved SCBC people in supporting avenues of ministering to girls in such a life-changing moment of their lives.

Please pray for the faithful servants who offer the hope of Christ in such a vital way.

Learn more about the ministry of Lynden Human Life.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

We support the efforts of Child Evangelism Fellowship as they focus on proclaiming the truth of the gospel to local children in public schools and neighborhoods. Over the years many of our younger adults have been trained up through CEF’s training programs and served as summer or full-time missionaries. We stand with the Whatcom County chapter of CEF and consistently pray for their gospel sharing efforts.

We also frequently host a CEF Good News Club at SCBC in conjunction with our Women’s book studies on Tuesdays.

Learn more about the Whatcom County chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship